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Senior Software/Hardware Performance Engineer (GB)



Other Engineering
Cambridge, UK
Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Signaloid provides a computing platform that tracks data uncertainties dynamically and throughout computations in execution workloads. Our computing platform uses deterministic computations on in-processor representations of probability distributions, to enable orders of magnitude speedup and lower implementation cost for computing tasks traditionally solved using Monte Carlo methods. The platform is available as a cloud-based computing engine that lets you run tasks via a cloud-based task execution API. We also provide on-premises and edge-hardware implementations of our computing platform for customers who want to use their existing on-site infrastructure and for use cases requiring operation without connection to the cloud.

Our platform is the most cost-effective way to engineer uncertainty quantification applications and is also the fastest way to run uncertainty quantification tasks, for key use cases. Workloads ranging from options pricing and portfolio modeling in finance, to uncertainty quantification for materials modeling and photonics simulation in engineering, often run an order of magnitude or more faster, compared to Monte-Carlo-based implementations running on high-end AWS EC2 instances.

Our team consists of contrarian engineers with combined research, engineering, and leadership experience from Apple, ARM, Bell Labs, CMU, University of Cambridge, IBM Research, MIT, NEC Labs, and University of Oxford. Find out more and try out the Signaloid uncertainty-tracking computing platform by signing up for free for our developer platform, at

Role Description

In this role, you will be responsible for delivering performance improvements throughout the lower levels of Signaloid's technology stack. Your contributions will range from interfacing with custom silicon and FPGA accelerators, to delivering algorithmic improvements to the higher-level software layers of the stack.

To succeed in this role, you will be someone who has the following attributes:

  • Self-motivation, with a proven track record providing technical leadership to your peers.
  • A proven track record of working as an individual contributor delivering engineering implementations in both hardware and software.
  • An ability to communicate clearly and concisely while conveying empathy.
  • An ability to take initiatives while actively working to understand the reality and constraints of your environment.

Within a year in this role, you can expect to:

  • Work more closely within the leadership team to set and deliver the long-term technology strategy of the company.
  • Propose and lead new technology initiatives within the company.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to and explore other opportunities within Signaloid based on your demonstrated performance.