Signaloid provides a computing platform to quantify, transmit, and track data uncertainty dynamically and throughout computations in unmodified computing workloads. Our technologies are used in applications including materials modeling, autonomous systems, computational finance, machine learning, and noisy intermediate-scale quantum computing. Our team consists of contrarian engineers with combined research, engineering, and leadership experience from Apple, ARC, ARM, Bell Labs, CMU, University of Cambridge, EPFL, IBM Research, Max Planck, MIT, and NEC Labs. Find out more at and try out the Signaloid uncertainty-tracking computing platform by signing up for free at

Role Description

In this role, you will work closely with the founder and CEO, supporting them operationally to deliver Signaloid's long-term vision through execution of our medium-term mission and strategies.

To succeed in this role, you will be someone who brings to the team the following attributes:

  • A self-motivated individual with a desire to learn about and contribute to supporting the CEO and executive team of a fast-paced technology startup.
  • An ability to take initiatives while actively working to understand the reality and constraints of your environment.

In this role, you will need to continuously grow your ability to achieve objectives including:

  • Continually improve your ability to identify the importance and urgency of tasks on the plate of both the CEO and the CEO's direct reports.
  • Always be willing to ask questions when in doubt and listen to all verbal and non-verbal cues in communications, to identify when you need to ask questions to find out more.
  • Build trust from the CEO and executive team, through your demonstration of success in identifying challenges that can be taken off the CEO's plate and resolving those challenges with the collaboration of relevant team members.
  • Participate with the CEO in all internal and external communications and implement and achieve continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of those communications.

Within a year in this role, you can expect to:

  • Grow the remit of your responsibilities.
  • Contribute to the company's strategic operations.
  • Lead strategic initiatives within the company.
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to and explore other opportunities within Signaloid based on your demonstrated performance.


  • Demonstrable exceptional written communication in English
  • Demonstrable ability to understand and communicate technical topics to laypersons (you do not necessarily need an Engineering or Science degree)
  • Demonstrable understanding of Signaloid’s products based on the publicly-available information and from using our shipping products
  • Demonstrable knowledge of and ability to apply, known methods for categorizing and prioritizing tasks in a fast-paced high-consequence environment
  • Excellent facility with text processing, presentation, and graphic design and illustration tools
  • A willingness to listen to people until they feel understood
  • Honesty, empathy, and a willingness to see the world from the viewpoint of others

Additional Desirable Skills and Experience:

  • Working knowledge of at least one additional spoken language
  • Familiarity with GitHub’s project management tools

Our Recruiting Procedure

  • All positions require you to write a one-page cover letter (you can also substitute the cover letter for a snippet of code that will run on the platform; be creative!). We use the cover letter to screen for communication skills, as clear communication is essential in a remote working environment.
  • Applicants who pass the cover letter screening receive an initial 15-minute Zoom screening call with a member of our People Development Team to discuss your CV.
  • Applicants who pass the screening interview, regardless of the position they are interviewing for, will be given a real-world project to solve over the course of one week (or two weeks if you are currently employed in a full-time job). In exchange for your time, we give you two books relevant to the rest of the interview process and £500 worth of free credits on the Signaloid Cloud Developer Platform.
  • Applicants who successfully complete the project are invited for a set of 45-minute interviews with people from our core teams (there will be up to six such interviews) which will use the project you completed as a discussion point.
  • In the final stage, applicants are invited for an on-site interview with members of the team in Cambridge.


A flexible remote-first work environment

  • Be part of an international team with the flexibility to choose where you live
  • You can work any set of eight hours in a day provided four of those hours overlap with the working day in Zurich
  • Join the rest of the team every three months for an in-person session somewhere in Europe

Competitive compensation

  • Yearly bonus based on company's Objectives and Key Results (OKR) performance and bi-yearly bonus based on your project team's OKR performance
  • Simple transparent compensation across the company, with four pay levels, in all roles, based on skill level: Contributor, Senior Contributor, Lead Contributor, and Principal Contributor
  • All full-time employees receive attractive stock options package